Former Camp Participants Share Long Term PFC Benefits

For many of the kids who have attended Pro Football Camp over the years, it was more than just a three-day football camp. To them it was about building character and developing positive lifelong skills. Now that Pro Football Camp has been going on for more than a decade, there are quite a few camp alumni that have taken their skills and hard work ethic that they learned at camp to the collegiate level including Travis Christoffersen, Tommy Lazzaro and JoJo Domann.

Christoffersen, 2015 graduate of Liberty High School and eight-year attendee of Pro Football Camp, just finished his freshman year at St. John’s University in Minnesota as an offensive lineman. Lazzaro, a 2015 graduate of Pine Creek High School and attendee of Pro Football Camp in middle school, competed his freshman Fall season at Dodge City Community College as their starting quarterback. After his stellar season last fall he transferred to Central Michigan University in January and made a positive impact on the Chippewas during Spring football. JoJo Domann, who has been attending Pro Football Camp every year since it started in 2006, just graduated from Pine Creek High School and will be playing safety at University of Nebraska this Fall.

The boys have used countless life lessons that they learned from Pro Football Camp throughout their football careers thus far. Christofferson says one of the most important things he learned at the camp was “win or lose, you need to take the losses honorably” and he keeps that mentality on and off the field today.

Lazzaro said, “it was the highlight of my childhood, and it made me realize that I wanted to play football in high school and then hopefully in college too.”

JoJo Domann said, “At first camp was just a really fun opportunity to meet NFL athletes but as I got older I realized that I better start paying attention to the lessons being taught because they will help prepare me for the future and help me grow as a person, and they really did.”

These young men haven’t been to camp for four or five years and yet the experience still affects them to this day. Lazzaro said that he learned the importance of having a hard work ethic. He explained, “It was hard to think about work ethic when we’re young, but I’ve kept that with me to this day.”

Christofferson agreed and then went on to state, “it was also really helpful that you were placed with people you didn’t know throughout camp. It forced us to learn how to work together, which helped me when I went to my first collegiate practice last Fall and I didn’t know anyone.” Both Christoofferson and Lazzaro agreed that Pro Football Camp was more than just a simple football camp to them and the lessons the camp taught helped get them to where they are today.

As JoJo Domann heads off to his first summer training with the University of Nebraska he said, “Pro Football Camp taught me how to strive for my dreams and not to stop until I reach them. I haven’t reached all my dreams yet but playing for University of Nebraska is a big accomplishment for me.” That is the point of Pro Football Camp, learning how to always follow your dreams. Other priceless takeaways from camp are the lifelong memories you create, learning how to develop good character skills and then learning general life lessons.

Visit, for more information. This year the 11th annual Pro Football Camp will be help July 12-14, 2016, 8-11:30 a.m. at Vista Ridge High School.

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