The hearing impaired will be able to enjoy the new Pikes Peak Library being built in Colorado Springs, CO thanks to a local Sertoma club.

The Rocky Mountain Sertoma Club of the Pikes Peak Sertoma District has donated $7000 to pay for installing an Induction Loop in a large portion of the new facility.

The Audio Frequency Induction Loop provides a means to transmit sound from a wire loop to the telecoil in a hearing aid.  Loops are used to improve speech intelligibility of hearing aid users by eliminating background noise.  Without the loop many hearing aid users are unable to distinguish between the background noise and the voice of the speaker. With the loop they are able to hear almost equally with those with normal hearing.

Rocky Mount Sertoma is on of ten local Sertoma clubs in the Pikes Peak Sertoma District. The primary mission of each club is to provide ssistance to hearing and speech impaired individuals.  Since 1988, through a Pikes  Peak Sertoma district project called "HEARS", these clubs provide support and donations for audiology services and new hearing aids to hearing impaired individuals who cannot afford to purchase them.

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