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February 18, 2016                                                                            




NFL Athletes Teach Football Skills and Mentor Youth


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—The Pro Football Camp started as a way to give back to the Colorado Springs community 11 years ago, but it has grown to be much more than that. The impact Pro Football Camp has had on Colorado Springs’ youth is tremendous and it has truly grown into an annual community event.  Rich Griffith, Board Member, Co-Founder of Pro Football Camp and a former Jacksonville Jaguar shared his favorite part of Pro Football Camp.  “During camp, there are many heartwarming stories of a child believing in themselves simply because a NFL player gave them advice and encouragement,” said Griffith.  “You can’t put a price on that type of impact.”

The 11th Annual Pro Football Camp will be held on July 12-14 at Vista Ridge High School, 6888 Black Forest Road, Colorado Springs. The camp will start at 8:00 a.m. each day and end at 11:30 a.m. The Pro Football Camp features youth coaches along with former and current NFL athletes teaching the participants proper football techniques and developing their athleticism.   Additionally three times during the camp each day, the NFL athletes mentor the participants on the character that it takes to be successful both on-the-field and off-the-field, such as integrity, leadership, overcoming adversity, and getting good grades in school. 

In the past decade, more than 2,400 kids have been impacted and encouraged in the past decade. Many of those kids have gone on to excel in the high school and even the college level, however, Pro Football Camp teaches much more than football skills. Pro Football Camp includes “Off The Field With The Pros” every day of camp where they teach the children the character that it takes to succeed, not only in football, but in life as well. Some of the character qualities taught to the participants of the camp are perseverance, responsibility, and respect for authority. “It’s much more than a football camp; it’s a way to have a positive impact on a child’s life,” said Teddi Domann, Board Chairperson and Co-Founder of Pro Football Camp. “If we can change just one child’s life through this camp, then it is all worth it.”

At the end of Pro Football Camp every year, a survey is completed with parents about different aspects of the camp.   Last year, 83% of parents agreed that they would bring their child back to Pro Football Camp and 91% of parents agreed that they would recommend the Pro Football Camp to other parents.  Additionally, parents reported that their child’s attitude, hard work, respect, determination and perseverance were impacted as a result of their child attending the camp. One parent even added, “This camp builds confidence in the kids and teaches them to have a good attitude, to respect everyone, and to never give up. I love this camp.”  Finally, more than 60% parents reported that learning from NFL athletes was the experience that had the greatest impact on their kid.  One parent explained, “At the Pro Football Camp you spend 3.5 hours each day with the NFL Athletes for three days. During this time, the kids get to come face-to-face with their dream.  They realize their dreams are real and they can come true, if they apply what they’ve been taught, work really hard and never give up.  Whether a kid has the physical attributes to play at the pro level or not, the lessons learned are applicable to all aspects of their lives.  The Pro Football Camp has had a profound impact on my son and many of his friends.”  Seventy-five percent (75%) of parents reported that the Pro Football Camp had a lasting impact on their kid’s life and 86% described the camp experience as “invaluable.”

The mission statement of the Pro Football Camp is to encourage and inspire youth to develop themselves into the very best athletes and people they can be. Pro Football Camp wants to use this opportunity to give back to the community by  creating a once-in-a-lifetime chance for one-on-one interaction with professional football players who teach football skills, athletic skills and character skills, all while running the camp with Christian values and ethics.

            Pro Football Camp makes sure that every child has the opportunity to attend camp by providing scholarships to socio-economically disadvantaged youth. Local businesses and individuals donate funds to help send kids to camp. Pro Football Camp also hosts different events throughout the year to help raise money for the scholarships. A couple of those events are the Colorado Institute of Sports Medicine Charity Golf Tournament at Flying Horse Golf Course where golfers play with a current and former NFL athlete in every foursome; and the Colorado Springs Orthopedic Group’s 7v7 Benefit Tournament at Vista Ridge High School where high school teams play in a double elimination tournament.

Some of the athletes attending this year’s Pro Football Camp will be: Steven Johnson, LB, Titans; Brian Folkerts, C, Rams; Crockett Gillmore, TE, Ravens (Colorado State University graduate); Greg Scruggs, DL, Bears; Charles Johnson, WR, Vikings; Micahel Lehan, former, CB, Dolphins; Anthony Trucks, Former LB, Steelers; Rich Griffith, TE, former Jaguar; and Justin Armour, WR, former Bronco just to name a few.

For more information visit or call 719-266-9308.  Also, follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@ProFBallCamp), and look for us on Instagram (profbcamp).

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