This is a subject that Pastor Darin Carroll knows all too well.

The Discovery Channel, specifically the Homicide Hunter Program, will be speaking to Pastor Carroll on Friday July 15, 2016, about an event that put him behind bars back in 1995.

Pastor Carroll is a local resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  In his youth, in 1993, a young woman in the prime of her life was killed, and Pastor Carroll was charged with manslaughter in the death of Tina Lovato. Her family as well as Pastor Carroll still grieve for her to this day.

Pastor Carroll served his sentence, and since his release in 1997, he and his wife and two children have spent nearly two decades reaching out to those in their community trying to encourage others not to go down the same path he did in his youth.

This ex-con's redemption came in the form of a religious transformation. He found Christ behind bars, and that is what has fueled his desire to reach out and to share his story.

He and his wife released a book, “Torn Apart and Restored” in 2013, telling of Pastor Carroll’s struggles with drugs, alcohol and life on the dark side of life.  The profits from the sale of that book go to Victory Life Ministries and to their outreach ministries. At the writing of the book, they chose to respect the privacy of Tina's family and did not use her real name.

Pastor Darin Carroll, his wife, Gloria, Pastor Paul and the congregation at Victory Life Ministries in Pueblo, Colorado, have spent the past two decades working with local churches and agencies in Pueblo in an attempt to steer youth away from the life of gangs, drugs and violence. Their most recent project is a community boxing program that they have become partners with, it is currently on hold due to recent weather damage that destroyed the roof of the building they were using.

Pastor Carroll knows that he can never ease the pain or loss that Tina's children have gone through. He does know and constantly relives the nightmares from that night that are so real. His desire is to encourage others not to go down that path, but rather to seek positive ways of serving the community.

Pastor Carroll remains in close contact with some of Tina's family including the aunt who raised her.

July 15, 2016, a producer from Jupiter Entertainment, which creates programs for The History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, A&E, and other global cable networks contacted Pastor Carroll to review the story of his experience which will be related in the sixth season of Discovery ID's "Homicide Hunter." The show focuses on a retired homicide detective from Colorado Springs, as he takes us through different investigations he conducted in the 80's and 90s'.

Pastor Carroll's prayer is that those watching the review and report of the incident from 1993, will realize that drugs, alcohol and violence are an evil combination. His prayers and sincere sorrow felt apologies are extended to Tina's children and family, knowing that the airing of this show will bring back all that hurt.

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