With our Homecoming but just a few weeks away, this is a shout, again to try and find where are all of our alumni? I ask, because I am an alumnus from 1974. I am also a member of and former board member of, the Board of Directors of the CSHS/Palmer Alumni Association.

Oh, you didn't know we had one - well, we have since 1984. At one time, there were over three thousand members! And yes, with the name, it does include those who went to the school when it was the first high school in town.

There is an Alumni Historical Room, which is really two and a display case - anyone remember where the old D.E.C.A. classes met and had school supplies available on the third floor?, Well, that is ours, now. Can you imagine the things that could be there, since the school opened in 1875?

I can tell you that there are some pretty cool items in there. I could, but why not get in touch with the school and arrange a tour of those rooms? We ask for at least a dozen - it is manned by volunteers, so to make it worth their while, is why we ask for an amount.

You may even be interested in joining the Alumni Association - it only costs $10 per year and you you'll receive 6 newsletters: the Alumni Lever. You'd be up on events, like our monthly membership meetings/breakfasts for $8.00 a person. You'd know about Homecoming and our Alumni Hall of Fame.

Did you know that since the school opened, there have been 41.088 graduates? You want to know how many there are in the Hall of Fame? Granted, this was started in 1985; but there are 111 as of today. Some ratio, huh?

There are opportunities to volunteer, yes but that isn't the only reason to think about becoming a part of something so special. Those who started this, were from the classes of the 20's through the 60's. At one time there was over 3,500 members! Many of them  have passed on and it is up to us "youngun's", need to keep their hard work alive.

There have been some who join, at the same time as their kids do! You mingle with folks from different decades and find out about their time at Palmer, or whatever it was called during their time. Plus, we have memorabilia for sale. Yes, you can find our beloved Eagle Beak on caps and tees and hoodies and...

Like us on FB at: CSHS-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc..

Check out our website at: cshs-palmer-alumni.org..

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